US Android Traffic

Android Phone Traffic – $3 cpm 

Android phone users are increasing on a regular basis and all these users have access to the internet through the smart phone. So if you are looking forward to increase traffic volume at your US based website then you can easily do that by buying US android traffic package. This kind of traffic package enables you to promote your website through mobile ads that are aimed mainly at the US based mobile users.

The US android traffic packages are very effective in reaching out to the target consumers. The ads are promoted through the android phones and are published with mobile applications and mobile sites. When people browse through the mobile sites or use android applications then the ads are also published with it and are visible to the target consumer. They may find it useful or relevant to them and click on it which takes them to your website. This helps you to get US android traffic for your website and promote it better.

For buying the best US android traffic you can contact us. We help you to get the right traffic for your online business and this way you are able to get more profits. The ads are published with the US servers and are served to the right android users. This helps you to get a better click through rate.

Display Advertising moving towards Mobile ads in US

Mobile Traffic = $2 cpm onwards

Android / iOS inventory.

Mobile ads have a very good click through rate which has helped in making it more popular and effective in promoting any business. Nowadays, display ads have also been introduced which are moving towards mobile ads in US and have a very high reach. If you are keen on bringing in better traffic to your website then you can easily invest in the display advertising and you can use it to promote your online business. With the increase in the number of mobile smartphone users, it has become easy for the users to go through online sites. So when you use display advertising for mobile advertising it makes it easy for you to promote your brand better.

You can get target traffic for your website through the display ads for mobile by buying country specific traffic. So for reaching out to the US based traffic you can easily buy display ads for US. The mobile ads are then published on the US based website and it enables you to bring in more traffic.  Buying such traffic package helps you to enjoy a better return on your investment and enjoy better click through rate. You can contact us to learn more about the mobile display ads for US traffic.

Germany Android Popunder Traffic

Country Germany
Freq capping 1/24
Impressions 200k
3rd party tags  —
Creative Upload allowed URL
Adunit Full Page URL
Channel / Category RON
Placement Type Mobile Android
City Targeting  —
Keyword Targeting  —
Behavior Targeting  —
Language Targeting English/ German
Browser Targeting  Available
Package cost  $ 800
Effective CPM  $  4.00
Estimated Delivery time 1 Days
  • Daily Volumes subjected to availability.
  • cPanel Available for Reporting.
  • Excellent converting inventory for Dating clients.

Android Mobile Redirect Traffic

Country Global / worldwide
Freq capping 1/24
Impressions 400k
3rd party tags  —
Creative Upload allowed URL
Adunit Full Page URL
Channel / Category All – RON
Placement Type Android Mobile
City Targeting  —
Keyword Targeting  —
Behaviour Targeting  —
Language Targeting English
ISP / Carrier Targeting  —
Package cost  $ 2,000
Effective CPM  $  5.00
Estimated Delivery time 1 Days


Popunder / Banner Ads on Smart phones

You might have come across ads on your mobile phones that cover up a part of your screen. These are mobile ads which appear as popunder ads and sometimes as banner ads. They have a very good success rate as most of the internet users have now started using smart phones and use it to browse through the net. People use a lot of mobile application also and it can also be used for promoting the website. There are many websites that use banner ads for promoting the website as they have a very high success rate. The popunder ads are published on the mobile browser. So when the user browses through the mobile browser, then the ad opens up over the window and is visible to the user. When the user clicks on the ad then it takes him to the advertised website and helps the website to get more traffic easily.

When you want more traffic then you can buy mobile ad traffic and buy banner ads or mobile popunder advertisement. They are display ads and are noticed by the user easily. If you want good results then you can buy mobile traffic and use it to get more business for your website.

Android Vs iOS Advertising

Mobile advertising is essential for bringing in more traffic at the website. Nowadays, people are using smart phones like android and apple. They use a number of applications on the phones and also use it for internet access. So if you are planning your online advertising campaign to bring in more website traffic, then make sure you include mobile advertising also which would help you to get mobile traffic. Here you may get confused whether you need android advertising or iOS advertising. To decide on this you need to first identify your target consumers. If the target consumers are mostly using android phones then you can buy android traffic and if the products are directed at the iOS users then buying iOS advertising is better. As per the recent survey, the number of iOS users and android users is almost the same. So if you use both android advertising and iOS advertising then it can easily help you to bring in good mobile traffic to your website.

If you have a mobile application then you need to generate downloads for it and that is achieved through mobile advertising. The advertisement can be thus chosen as per your target consumers. If you want iOS users to download the app then iOS advertising is better.

Buying Targeted Android Inventory

Android users have increased in the past few years which has brought the internet in everyone’s hand. People have the convenience to visit any website through the phone and can also use applications that can help in their daily working. Advertisers are using this as a profitable platform and are advertising their business through mobile ads. If you need to bring in good traffic at your website then you can easily choose this. Buying targeted android inventory can help you to bring in good traffic for your website easily. You can promote your online business through advertising on the android apps and website.

When you buy targeted traffic it is basically helpful in reaching out to the potential consumers. It enables you to get quality traffic where in it is easier to convert the traffic into customers. targeted traffic means the target consumer. When you advertise to them through the android ads then there is a higher chance of them clicking on the ad which further promotes your ad better and helps you to get better click through rate. It works out to be more cost effective and is able to bring you the target consumers. So when you buy targeted android inventory it helps you to enjoy a better return on investment.