Targeting Options

Target your traffic with enhanced and latest targeting options:-

  • Contextual Targeting – Target campaigns based on content and Keywords, this enhances your traffic quality and campaign performance.
  • Channel / Category Targeting – Target campaigns based on Traffic channels and categories, this ensures you reach more focused and selected audience.
  • Source id Tracking – Track source ID’s for the traffic you receiving and block bad performing publishers.
  • Re-targeting – Behavior Targeting to allow you reach interested audience who have visited your website in past.
  • ISP Targeting – Target specific internet service provider or Mobile carrier.
  • Geo Targeting – Target countries & cities.
  • Language Targeting – Language Targeting is also available if you looking to run local language ads.
  • OS / Device targeting – Target Operating system or Device for serving your ads. Desktop and All mobile device OS targeting options available. (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android.. and more).
  • Frequency capping – 1/24 freq capping available.
  • Day / Hour Parting – Set campaign to Run on specific day’s or week, or specific time intervals.
  • Block unwanted ips – Block Ips you don’t want your ads to be served.
  • ROI Tracking – You can Place Conversion Pixel for action (Lead, signup, Payment, download, Install etc), this pixel with Track the conversion and help you identify the converting sources and optimize campaign.