Android Vs iOS Advertising

Mobile advertising is essential for bringing in more traffic at the website. Nowadays, people are using smart phones like android and apple. They use a number of applications on the phones and also use it for internet access. So if you are planning your online advertising campaign to bring in more website traffic, then make sure you include mobile advertising also which would help you to get mobile traffic. Here you may get confused whether you need android advertising or iOS advertising. To decide on this you need to first identify your target consumers. If the target consumers are mostly using android phones then you can buy android traffic and if the products are directed at the iOS users then buying iOS advertising is better. As per the recent survey, the number of iOS users and android users is almost the same. So if you use both android advertising and iOS advertising then it can easily help you to bring in good mobile traffic to your website.

If you have a mobile application then you need to generate downloads for it and that is achieved through mobile advertising. The advertisement can be thus chosen as per your target consumers. If you want iOS users to download the app then iOS advertising is better.