Why Skyscraper banners are best choice

Skyscraper ads are basically banner ads which are used by the advertisers to promote their own website through affiliate marketing. These skyscraper banners are considered to be the best choice for the advertiser as it helps in promoting their website and enables them to reach out to the target consumers. The banner ads manage to catch the visitor’s attention and advertise the site to them. Clicking on the skyscraper banner ads enables the visitor to get to the advertised website and the advertiser is able to get better traffic at his site. Many advertisers use this kind of advertisement wherein their ads appear in the form of a vertical column. The skyscraper ads are named so as they are just like the high rise building. The standard size for them is 120X600 wherein 120 pixels is the width size and 600 pixels is the height. The wider ads can enjoy a width of 160 pixels also. The advertisers can use different kinds of texts and graphics to make them more impressive and can get better traffic through these ads easily. Using the skyscraper banner ads are economical and can ensure that your website gets better traffic easily. You can contact a good online media company that can design the ad for you and help you in your campaign.