What is popup?

A pop-up is a sort of advertising that keeps popping up disturbingly on your screen when you are accessing web page. Getting the viewers attention or to selling something, grabbing the email address is the main objective of pop-ups. It appears when the web page is loading. Pop-up is JavaScript based programming.

There are some pop-ups that are very useful. Sometimes you might see pop-ups which ask information from you or give you information. Sometimes pop-ups are used in music website so that it can play music by opening a small window. There are also unwanted pop-up ads also. It is the programming of JavaScript that maintain the size of pop-ups and decide which element will be displayed. Sometimes you will find very difficult to trace the menu or status bars of the pop-ups if they are hidden. The only option is click the “x” above corner side. And this is very irritating.

Some pop-up has problem because the JavaScript is managed very poorly there. It causes to open several windows at the same time and same place. Then exit from the browser is the only option for you.

So a pop-up has both the negative and positive sides so you can also use some utilities that prevent the pop-ups from the site.