What is Open Rate in an email campaign?

When you use email campaign for promoting your website then you need a system to monitor if the campaign has been effective or not. Email open rate is the way by which you which monitor if the email has been opened or viewed by the receiver or not. Sometime, the receivers delete the mail without opening them and they may even land in spam. So if you need to calculate the success rate of your email campaign then you also need to consider the open rate. If you have sent 100 mails and only 29 mails have been viewed then the email open rate is 29.

If you want your open rate to be good then you can contact us and we can help you design the email. When your email is designed well then it would help you to get a good open rate. You need to make sure that the email doesn’t land in spam and also ensure that the subject is catchy. When you get the email campaign designed by us then we consider all these things and design the ad campaign accordingly. This helps you to get a good open rate and enjoy a good click through rate as well.