What is floating Ads?

Floating ads are basically ads which appear when you open the web page first time and they always float or fly over the entire page for 5-30 seconds. They give obstacle to your view of the page you are trying to read or sometimes they even block the mouse input also. It has been already set up so that a floating ad should always appear when you clicked in to this page. Maximum time it stays for 5 seconds. After the certain time it settled in the upper right hand corner.

Floating ads are gaining popularity for some specific reason

1.They always catches the viewer’s attention. These animation ads force you to watch them y interrupting your programs.

2. These are more powerful than normal banner ads or slide bars add and it is not easy to ignore them.

3.It has 3% click through rate.

4.This is the most important reason because it can pay $3-$300 for the impressions of 1000 people and that is why most of the website is eager to have them.

The only one problem of floating ads is they always disturb people and most of the people become frustrated by these ads.