What is an affiliate?

In simple English, affiliate is a term that means to associate oneself as a subordinate with another body. When it is used for online affiliate marketing it means more or less the same thing where one website associates itself with another website and draws traffic from it. Affiliate marketing program are very popular in online advertising and is a part of indirect advertising. It is very popular with the advertisers as they find it to be very effective. If you are an advertiser, then choosing this kind of marketing helps you to draw more traffic at your website. As per this program, you associate your website with another website which displays your ad on it. The people who visit it noticed your ad and have a good probability of clicking on it. This would direct them to your website and get you good traffic. The publisher on the other hand, earns revenue through this.

For effective program, it is important to choose the publisher carefully. If you advertise through a related network then that would help you to get better quality traffic at your website and you have a good chance of turning the traffic into consumers. You can contact us for it and we can help you to decide upon the right publishing network easily.