What are popunder ads?

Popunder ads are one of the most widely used tools which are very effective in directing quality traffic to another site. It is a part of many advertisement campaigns and is used by online business owners who want to make sure that they get good quality traffic on their site. The contextual ads are more popular in this regard as they are able to divert quality traffic to one’s site. These ads are keyword targeting or URL targeting which implies that it is related to what the user is searching for.

The popunder ads refer to the advertisement windows that appear beneath the window the user is working on. It can be of varying sizes as per the advertiser’s requirement. Since it appears beneath the main window, it does not interfere in the user’s work. When he closes the window the popunder ad is visible to him and directs him to another website that may be related to what he is looking for.

The popunder ads can be made more alluring be embedding videos, sound effects, visuals stylish fonts and other elements. An attractive and colorful popunder ad would be more efficient and would attract the target clients to the advertisement easily. Clicking on the ad would then direct them to the advertised site and can promote it.