what are expandable banner ads

Some of the banners expand when the cursor is placed in them. They are known as expanding banner ads. When the banners are located at the top section of the web page, the banners roll down as the cursor is placed over them. This takes the attentions of the people who are banner blind. Some people do not even want to have a look at the banners. The advertising companies are using roll down banners or expanding banners to pull the attention of the viewers. It uses the rich internet designing with flash programming. They are also possible to be embedded in the inbox of the customer. Most of the banners these days include expanding banners to increase the excitement of the customers. Studies show that with the use of banners itself, the traffic is directed towards the desired web site. With the use of expanding banners, the traffic is increased and business is showing improvement. US Web Traffic service is showing a lot of improvement in the design and implementation of the banners. Banner ads are being increasingly used these days by most of the branded companies of the globe for advertising of products and increasing of brand awareness among public.