Web traffic rankings

Web traffic ranking is when a website is ranked according to the traffic that it receives. It is considered to be useful for website owners as it enables them to judge the performance of their website. It is important to improve the web traffic rankings as that indicates that your website is able to receive good traffic. The website owners can use Alexa to get their web traffic rankings. The software helps them to measure the traffic on a daily basis and counts every unique traffic that visits your site. So if you want to improve your web traffic ranking then you can buy traffic through online media companies that deal with US web traffic. The website owners can invest in good advertisement campaign through these online media companies which would help them to get good traffic.

Using affiliate marketing or direct marketing would enable you to promote your website and you can easily divert more traffic. If you want quality traffic then you can invest in contextual ads which would be linked with related websites and would get you better quality traffic at your own site. Improving the web traffic rankings or your Alexa ranking can improve your search engine ranking also.