US Web Traffic — US Biggest in Traffic Demand in Last 5 yrs

US has one of the largest internet using populations in the world with more than 50% households having access to internet, fittingly so the traffic demand has surged in the past 5 years. The websites getting most hits include those related to travel, tax, real estate and careers. The web traffic also sees an increase during the holiday season and other occasions such as elections.

Most American look to assess their careers in the beginning of the year, increasing traffic to sites related to education and jobs. Similarly holiday season sees the flow of traffic towards travel websites and online hotel and flight reservation. Occasions such as Christmas and New Year see most hits on websites offering gifts and discounts.

With many Americans looking online for information on almost everything there is stiff competition among the websites to get the visitors their way. This has increased the demand for quality traffic with several online companies offering web traffic for sale. Apart from this, there has been significant increase in use of internet marketing to increase web traffic. As more businesses go online the demand for web traffic is likely to go up in the years to come.