US Online Shopping – Generating Good Revenues

Online shopping has revolutionized the way businesses work today, with online sales growing at a whopping rate of 20% every year. In the United States alone there has been a steady increase of about 10-15% in revenue generated through online shopping. It has been observed that more than 80% of people using internet shopped online for things such as gifts during special occasions. As more Americans spend their money to shop online the revenue generated run into billion of dollars. So what makes this work?

Several factors determine the success of online shopping. One of them is obviously internet access, with a steady increase in population having internet access at home as well as office. These include everyone from teenagers to adults, with adequate knowledge of making a purchase online.

Online shopping is also seen as a more convenient option especially during the holiday season, rather than walking from shop to shop for one gift. One can simply go through the online catalogue, place an order and get it home delivered, or delivered it to the desired recipient. These factors have made online shopping a great success, generating good revenues in United States as well as other parts of the world.