US Adwords PPC Traffic, costly but worth

Google provides and online service for display of the advertisements of the low traffic websites on the Google and its partner pages such as AOL, Lycos, bing, and many more. Whenever the user types in the keyword for search, the Google displays the search and along with that, there is a separate link section known as sponsored links. These constitute to Adwords. The Website sets up an Adword campaign with Google at a cost approximation of $250 and monthly maintenance charge of approximately $99. The pay per click campaign can also be chosen where in for every click on the website’s advertisement link, the website owner should pay to Google. The Google charges for cost for click range from approximately $33 to $55. If there are no clicks on the advertisement there is no need to pay to the Google. The charge here seems to be costly but is worth it. 80% of the United States online users use Adwords service for increasing their website traffic. The keyword selection is important in determining the amount of clicks the website might get. The website owner has full control of the advertisement being displayed in the Adwords. One can stop or pause or even restart the ad at any time.