Types of Direct marketing techniques

Direct marketing is the technique where the advertiser reaches out to the target consumer by himself, without relying on a third party as in case of affiliate marketing. There are different kinds of direct marketing techniques available to the advertiser and he can use the one that suits his fancy. Some of the popular techniques that are used by them include tele marketing, fax marketing, email marketing, direct mail, voice broadcasting and so on. It is preferred by most of the advertisers as they are not dependent on any other person. But in order to use direct marketing for promoting your brand you need to first get the right database for the technique you use. In case of email marketing, the mail is sent on the target consumer’s email address. So in this case the database refers to the list of email address. In tele marketing, fax marketing and voice broadcasting, the advertiser needs the telephone number of his target consumers so that he can promote his company to them easily. The advertiser can now buy this data from the online media companies that deal with marketing. They collect such data and sell it to the advertisers at very economical price. This enables you to get better response to your ad.