Traditional Offline Advertising Vs Online Advertising

Before the internet era, most of the businesses used the traditional offline advertising to reach out to their target clients. This included the use of radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and other such tools. But now most of them prefer to choose online advertising in their campaign. The reason is that it helps the advertisers to create a personal touch to his campaign and reach out to the target consumers. he can use different online advertising tools to reach out to the specific target consumers and can also monitor and see if the online advertising campaign has been effective or not. The result of the online advertising can be measured in terms of the traffic and ranking the website gets. in case of the offline media, the result may however be in the form of sales and comes in a little slow. Online advertising is also preferred by the advertisers who are low on budget and would still like to use promote their website. They can look for the different kinds of online advertising tools that can reach out to the target consumers and help them to get the target traffic. Online advertising also enables the advertiser to choose their market which is not so convenient in case of offline marketing.