Search Website Traffic vs. Popunder Traffic

Traffic generation has become a keyword associated with success of almost every online business. There are two type of internet traffic one comes across frequently; these are Website Traffic and Popunder Traffic. Both these terms are extensively used by internet marketing companies, claiming to boost visitors to your website. However, you must clearly understand which of these methods of traffic generation you want before you dole out precious money.

Website traffic is a more generic term used to describe number of people visiting a website in a particular duration of time such as a day. This largely depends on the type of service being provided, amount of competition and the population of target market. In case there is fierce competition and the target population is low, you obviously need a good marketing strategy to make your website more appealing to the visitors. The most popular method of doing this is Search Engine Optimization, where the content of your website is written in a unique manner, highlighting the exclusive products provided by your company. This content is not directed at any specific category of people, and is generic in nature. However, when a person searches for the product, your website gets recognized and displayed by the search engine.

On the other hand, Popunder traffic generation is more specific in nature. Here a pop-up ad is shown only to a specific population. For instance, in case a person is viewing a website selling real estate, then the Popunder would have an advertisement particularly aiming to sell real estate. Popunder is slowly gaining popularity with more business owners wanting to target specific people. Such ads are aimed at selling a product rather than increasing website rankings.