Frequency will define the number of times a same ad should be served to a specific user ip address, it is important to define frequency to ensure same ads are not served too often to same people and are essentially spread across.

Frequency of the advertisements is important in driving the web traffic. Based on the number of clicks, the website would be listed in the ranking of the search engine. Advertising is basically done to improve the ranking of the web site and have it listed in the front page. There are various advertising techniques out in the market to pull the customer for marketing of the products and the service. Every website is concentrating on the techniques to increase the frequency of clicks and number of views of the web site. When the advertisement is displayed it is hard to attract the customers at the very first sight of the ad unit. For the customer to remember the ad unit, it should be repeated for a minimum of nine times in a day. This involves a huge amount of investment. To increase the web traffic and to enhance sales some of the companies are ready to invest such a huge amount. The advertising techniques include email advertising, banner and text ads, pop ups and the pop under. On the whole only when the customer clicks on these ads, they are considered converted and frequency plays a major role in it.