Role of frequency capping in adserving

Frequency capping in adserving is considered to be very useful to the advertisers. It is tool by the website can restrict an ad from appearing to the same visitor again and again. The adserving network which distributes the ads on the different website keeps a tab and tracks the visitor with the help of his IP address or by storing cookies on his system. This way they can get to monitor if the particular visitor has seen the ad or not. If yes then the frequency capping system can restrict the ad from appearing to him again. It limits the number of times the same ad may appear to a particular user. The impression count system is used in the frequency capping system. The frequency can be decided by the ad serving network so that it can control the ad. It prevents the ad from being overexposed or underexposed and is thus considered to be useful. Using the frequency capping system allows the advertiser also to get better return on his investment. In order to advertise your website with adserving network that uses frequency capping you can contact a good company that deals with online media services and help you design your ad campaign.