Rich Media Creative Guidelines

Rich media is popular format which is used in online advertising and is considered to be an interactive media which impresses the viewers easily. So if you are planning to consider using it for your website then you need to first go through the creative guidelines that have been given by the IAB. Using the creative guidelines for designing the ad can help you to design it better and are thus considered to be useful. The rich media ads can be used with other technologies that can help in making it more interactive and appealing. The advertiser can includes videos, audios, flash and can use programming language like Javascript, DTML etc to create these ads. The rich media ads can be used in emails, popunder ads, display ads, floating ads and in other ways as well.

The creative guidelines for the rich media ads differ for the different advertising formats. For instance, the flash specifics for all rich media ad formats are 18 frames per second. The animation length is about 15 seconds for all formats but if it’s a floating ad then the guideline say it can float for only 10 seconds on the page. Following thee guidelines can help you create better rich media ads.