Popunders play a good role in helping site’s outlook on search ranking

Search ranking is done based on the number of visitors in the website and depth of the website which is explored. A new site has difficulty in appearing on the search ranking page. The search engines use the analytics to list the websites which are suitable to the customer needs and are already reviewed by many. The websites use different means of trafficking techniques for the effective marketing. There are several ways. From popups to popunders and text ads to email compaigns all are effective in their own way. Popunders play a good role in helping the site to get listed in the search rankings. As the buying of popunder traffic is cheaper than other means of trafficking, most of the dealers prefer using popunders over other techniques. The popunders are not generally blocked by the browsers and are considered the best in directing web traffic. Popup ads are not effective as they are annoying to few users due to their intrusion in the customer’s view of the current window. Bad marketing strategy is when the popup does not show instructions to close the window. This gives a perception to the customer that if he or she enters that site again, he might face this problem of pop ups. Most of the browsers are now built with popup blockers installed in the applications already for easy browsing.