Popunder traffic, better compared to Popup traffic

Both popups and popunders are types of advertising. Popups are small windows displayed on the top of the webpage where as popunders are displayed beneath the web page. Popups are generally developed using the java script. Most of the browsers have an inbuilt option of blocking the popups from the websites. If the user is getting annoyed by the shoot up of the popups, the option can be used to block the popups. Blocking popunders is also possible but in the advanced browsers. Since popunders are displayed behind the webpage, the chances for the user to get annoyed would be less as the user has not been stopped from viewing the contents of the page. This proves advantageous to popunders. Branding seems to be easy with popunders where as it has very less chances with popups. Browsers such as Mozilla and Opera have inbuilt popup blockers. With the popunders, when the user closes the current window, the advertisement is considered as not intrusive and very much accepted by the user. Hence popunders gain more advantage over the popups. Buying popunder traffic is also considerably cheaper than that of popups. By targeting the contextual ads in the popunders one can maximize the web traffic on their website.