Pay to click traffic – PTC Incentivized Advertising

PTC incentivized advertising refers to the marketing module where the advertisers give incentives to the users so that they may visit the website. PTC therefore refers to Pay to Click and helps in generating traffic for a website. Under this program the advertiser pays a certain amount to the visitor for clicking on his website. The website pays a certain amount of money to advertiser for advertising the site. When the user clicks on the ad then he gets to earn some of that money for clicking on it. Some of the advertisers also encourage the users to become members and click on the different advertisement and earn revenue through it. Affiliate marketing programs are also run by them where the members are encouraged to get more people to join the advertising platform and earn through it.

This kind of module is apt for website owners who wish to generate good traffic to earn good revenue. The people who are directed to your website may or may not be interested in the website’s products and service. Thus it implies that may not be your target consumers. So if you need to boost your web traffic then you can opt for the Pay to click module easily.