Pay Per click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is also called as PPC advertising and is commonly used by the online business owners. They use this marketing tool to divert traffic to their own website and find it to be very useful as it helps them to attract their target consumers. In case of the pay per click advertising module, an advertisement is placed on another website by the webmaster. It generally appears on the content site. Whenever a person visiting the main site clicks on the advertisement posted there, the advertiser would pay a fixed amount to the site that carries the link. Thus the term, pay per click.

Pay per click advertising campaign is an effective way to get good traffic to one’s site. The amount payable in this case can be based on a fixed amount or may be bid based. The latter is used when more than one advertiser is fighting for a particular spot on the website. It is an economical way to advertise your website online and helps the advertiser to get quality traffic to his site. He only needs to pay the main website when the visitor is diverted to the advertised site. This is therefore an efficient way to promote your company.