Online Gambling – Biggest Online Industry for 2010 – 11

Gambling is probably one of the oldest means of entertainment in the world, and now on its way to becoming one of the biggest online industries. Even with regulatory norms governing online gambling in almost every country of the world, it has seen steady growth in the online market in the past few years. This is more due to most countries investing in broadband services, making it easier for people to play the games uninterrupted.

Online gambling began as a means of entertainment, with most companies providing free gaming. Soon it started involving a huge amount of money, where most companies honestly gave away the prize money. This led to an increase in number of people indulging in online gambling, including stay-at-home mothers. Some saw it as a fun way to relieve stress and others as a means to getting some extra cash.

Apart from this, online mobile gambling provided the means to gamble on the go. With more and more countries making way for the online gambling industry, it is being seen as the biggest industry of 2010-11. Even though governments of most countries are pushing for a ban or some kind of regulations to guide online gambling, they cannot deny the amount of revenue they would get from this huge industry. With the popularity of online casinos increasing by the day, online gambling is here to stay.