IAB Banner adunit standards

IAB stands for Interactive Advertising bureau which is an organization that manages online advertising. They have set the rules on for internet advertising so that the advertisers and publishers can follow that for online advertising. The organization has defined the banner ad unit standard also. So if you plan to use banner ads for promoting your website then you need to follow the same. They have set down the sizes for the banner ads which are considered to be one of the effective advertising sources for online advertising and brings in good traffic. The IAB has defined the size for full banner ads, half banner ads and have also set down the download size for it. In case of animation, it can be more than a few seconds. So if you want to get banner ads for promoting your website then you need to follow the IAB banner ad unit standards. You can contact us for this and we can help design your ad better. We help you to buy quality traffic for your website and use different sources for it. When you buy banner ads through us then we design it and publish it on the right networks so that you can promote your website better.

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