How does affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn revenue through your own website or blog and you can use it to reach out to your target consumers as well. In this kind of marketing campaign, one website promotes another website by means of advertisement or as rewards. For instance, in case of advertisement, the advertisement of the affiliated website is placed on the webpage of another website. This is generally done by the webmaster and helps the web owner to earn revenues on it. The ads appear under the sponsored ads section and the visitors can click on it to get directed to another website.

In case of affiliate marketing related to rewards program, you can link your reward program to another website like The visitors would then be directed to the website which can give discounts in lieu of the rewards. It is a good way to promote your own website and another website as well. It is apt for website that has membership programs as it helps them to get new members who may enroll in the program to earn good rewards. The other website benefit as it is able to get traffic to it.