Google adwords – still first choice

Google adwords is one of the most popular advertising services for online marketing and is preferred by many of the advertisers. The adwords is a service offered by google and is apt online business owners who wish to create and run their ads. The advertisements are published in the google’s advertising network which consists of publishers which have been approved by google. So advertising on this network helps in bringing in good traffic and is thus preferred. It is based on keywords and is able to get quality traffic for your website. This means that when you use the google adwords then the ads show up on the right side of the google search result page. The ads that show up under the sponsored ads are the ones that are displayed by google adwords. Google chooses the ads on the basis of the keywords and thus the advertiser is able to get good traffic. It is affordable to advertise through google adwords which follows the pay per click model. This means you can advertise even if you don’t have money and can pay to google when you get traffic through it. It is therefore a reliable and easy way by which advertisers and promotes their online business.