Full Page Popunder Ads

Popunder ads are quite popular these days and are used by many websites to get good quality traffic to their site. There are different kinds of popunder ads available to the advertisers and they can use the one that may be most useful for their advertisement campaign. The full page popunder ads refer to popunder ads that cover the entire desktop. Since they are popunders, they appear on the desktop but beneath the window the user is working on. The full page popunder window is huge and this means that the user would notice it easily. It does not get in his way but is noticed by him. This helps in making them popular with the advertisers.

The full page popunder ads are not only good for promoting a website but can also be used to inform the consumers about a new product or service. Some websites use it to divert traffic to a new page of their website or to promote sales. It is an economical means to reach out to the target consumers and is effective as well. The contextual popunder ads should be considered for this as they are related to what the user is looking for and therefore has a better chance of getting viewed.