Facebook applications Developments, New face of viral marketing

Viral marketing is considered to be an effective marketing tool and is growing with the popularity of social media. Nowadays, Facebook which is a popular social media has introduced and come up new applications which are basically based on viral marketing. In viral marketing word of mouth is used for promoting a particular company. Earlier the social media used ads for this purpose but now is also developing applications that are based on the advertiser’s products and services and promote them just like viral marketing. In this kind of advertisement Facebook develops an application and when a user uses it then it is shared with his network. The other people can see that the person using the application and they may also find it interesting enough to use it. This is how the viral marketing for applications works. It is very effective tool and is used by many online website. They can also contact Facebook and develop applications based on their products and use viral marketing for promoting it. Indirectly the website is also advertised through the application and you are able to get good traffic at your site. Viral marketing is an old but effective technique and is very helpful in promoting the different brands.