Expandable Leaderboard ads

Leader board ads are considered to be premium ads as they are noticed by people easily and enjoy a good click through rate. The advertisers can use different elements and add it to it to make it more attractive. The expandable banner ads are an example of this. In this kind of ad, the size of the banner is 728×90 but when the user moves his cursor towards the ad then it expands and the display size increases. The advertiser can infuse videos, links, graphics and other things to it and make it more attractive. People tend to take better notice of such ads and find it attractive enough to know more about it. This can help you to get better traffic and promote your business better.

If you want to buy expandable leaderboard banner ad traffic and would prefer to get quality traffic only then we can help you with it. We can design your ad accordingly and can place it on relevant or related networks so that you can easily get quality traffic at your website. For instance, if you wish to bring US web traffic then the ad is placed on the US based traffic and diverts traffic to it.