Expandable banner ads

Banner ads have a good click through rate and are popular with advertisers. The advertisers can choose from different kinds of banner ads for promoting their website. This includes expandable banner ads also which are very effective. The banner ads are expandable which means that when the visitors visit publisher’s website then the ads expand and occupy a larger space on the screen. This makes the ad more noticeable and it is able to catch the target consumer’s attention better. When people click on the ad then it takes them to your website and helps you to get a good traffic at your website easily.

If you want your expandable banner ads to be more effective and enjoy a good click through rate then you can use contextual ads. In this case the ads are promoted to the target consumers and this helps you to get better quality traffic at your website. If you want to bring in US web traffic then the expandable ads should be placed on the US based website as that has a better success rate. We design the ad campaign and then identify the potential consumers and bring them to your website. This helps you to bring more traffic and promote the website better.