Expandable Ads

When you visit different website, you might have come across some special ads that expand and cover the existing page when your curser moves across it. This is called as expandable ads and is considered to be eye catchy and is a good way to reach out to your target client. Since the ad covers up most of the page, it is visible to the target consumers and is thus noticed by them.

In some cases, the expandable ads may not expand under the cursor and can open up only when the user clicks on it. This is considered to be more beneficial as the other kind of expandable ads are considered to be annoying. In this case, it is up to the user to decide whether he wants to see the ad or not and then visit the website advertised in it.

The expandable ads can be made interactive and more colorful which would catch everyone’s attention more efficiently. The advertiser can add a lot of graphics and fancy fonts to it so that it is eye catchy and more alluring. The expandable ads can thus be used for marketing one’s site and can promote it easily. It is an economical way to get good quality traffic to your website and is efficient.