Exit Popunder Traffic

You might have noticed that when you leave a particular website then a new window opens up on your screen. This is called as popunder advertisement which is used to advertise different websites and their products and services. It is one of the most popular marketing tools which is helpful in diverting traffic to the advertised website. Some people might however find the exit popunder advertisement to be irrelevant and consider it as annoying.

In case of the exit popunder advertisement, the services and product advertised is random and is linked with a particular website. It can be any random advertisement and may or may not be of interest to the user. This is considered to be a part of publisher popunder which comes up randomly with any site. It is not keyword targeted and may not be able to divert traffic to the desired website easily. In other words, the exit popunder are used for advertisement but may not be as effective as the contextual popunder ads. Another drawback of using publisher exit popunder is that it can be blocked with popup blockers. In this case the advertisement campaign may not be effective enough. It is however apt for companies that want to grasp user’s attention and divert their attention towards a new product or service.