Does buying Web traffic improve Alexa ranks?

The obvious answer is YES! The smaller the number, greater would be the Alexa Rating. If a website has a high traffic, its number would be small and hence the Alexa rating would increase. Buying web traffic can in obvious ways improve your Alexa ranks. The Alexa traffic works on two principles using which the ranking is given.

– NUMBER OF VIEWS – This is determined by the total number of clicks to the web page or the total number of display.
– DEPTH OF THE VIEW – This is determined by the total number of pages that can be viewed on the website in terms of folder hierarchy like the sub-pages.

Increasing web traffic would directly affect the Alexa ranking of the web site. Buying Web traffic is one of the methods to improve Alexa ranking. There are also certain software and toolbars to provide the needful. Some toolbars stay connected with the website providing the user with the liberty to browse away from the website and still be in touch with the latest updates on the website. There are several programs which can also be used to improve the Alexa rating of the website to few thousands of clicks per hour.