Display media advertising is the term given to the advertising technique in which there are display of text in terms of logos and pictures and graphics to attract the customers. Pop ups, banner ads and pop unders come under this category of advertising. Email marketing with the inclusion of pictures and banners are increasing day by day. Pop ups are blocked by most of the browsers and hence, the trend of pop up is decreasing these days. Studies show that with innovation in the ad serving industry and use of banners in the form of roll under banners are becoming popular. Desktop ads are another category of ads in which the adware software is installed on the user’s computer and hence result in the popping up of the ads on the screen. This can sometimes be annoying and considered as virus. Ad ware removing software are used to stop the continuous display of ads. Therefore, among the list of possible ways to promote through the display of ads, the most effective ways are through the use of banners and the pop unders. Banners can also be included in the email marketing. Most of the email advertisements now include banners for attraction.