Directory Submission vs article submissions

If you wish to improve the traffic that comes to your website then you need to get marketing solutions that can help you with the same. Directory submission and article submissions are two important tools by which you can market your online business. They are however very different than each other. The directory submission is done on web directory that carries the link of the site on it. While the articles submissions are done on special article marketing websites which carry an article related to the products and services that are sold by the site.

Another difference between the two is in that in directory submission the back links are not keyword oriented but are based on different categories and sub categories. On the other hand, in article submission, the articles are based on particular keywords.

The similarity between the two is that they are both used to get better traffic to one’s website and also help in improving the search engine ranking. Using them for marketing your brand can turn out to be quite effective. In case of article submission, the information shared should be descriptive while in web directory the information should be direct and not flowery. Using them appropriately can get in good traffic to your site.