CPM Advertising – Branding Solutions

CPM, short for cost-per-thousand impressions, is an online marketing strategy used to increase web traffic. Even if cost-per-click (CPC) method enjoys more popularity, CPM has been seen to be more cost-effective compared to CPC. This type of advertising uses visual, audio as well as print media as a platform. It is mainly aimed at specific category of people, say women or students.

The goal of CPM depends on the company, some want to increase traffic to their website while others aim at converting potential clients into actual buyers. CPM advertising may be in the form of text links, banner-ads, email and so on, and is chargeable per thousand impressions or views. In this method your ad is place on different websites targeting a specific audience. This may be based on the product you are selling or type of content or information on your website.

CPM is an effective branding solution, as your ad is strategically placed on websites offering related products. Here you choose websites offering services or products related to the content on your website or product you are offering. For instance, an IT related website can carry an ad highlighting the features of a laptop. This form of advertising ensures that only those genuinely interested in your offer visit your website, rather than advertising the product to general public.