CPI – Cost per Install Campaigns

Cost per Install Campaigns – write to us with install flow and we can suggest you competitive market cost per install for it. Over 500 active mobile traffic sources to drive massive installs to your mobile app.

Many companies are now investing in mobile applications as they are convenient for the users and enable the websites to get more business. For instance, most of the e-commerce websites have applications so that the users can shop through it. If you have such application then you can benefit through it only if you get a good number of install and for this you can opt for the cost per install campaigns. Under this kind of campaigns, your application is promoted through other mobile applications in the form of display ad or as popunder. People may click on it but not download it. So you need not pay for the traffic. But if the visitor downloads the application, then you need to pay to the advertiser for sending them to your application through the ads.

This kind of campaign is very cost effective as you are paying only when people install the application. It helps you to identify the target consumers better and you can easily reach out to them and promote your business through the application. So using such campaign would easily enable you to enjoy better returns on investment. You can contact us to learn more about such ad campaign.