CPC Text ads, per clicks as low as 1 cent

CPC text ads refer to the Cost per click ads that are used in the pay per click advertisement campaign. It is economical and efficient way of advertising one’s website over the internet. As per this model the advertiser needs to pay a certain amount to the search engine every time a visitor click on his ad and is directed to his site. If you wish to use it for promoting your website then you can contact a good US web traffic solutions provider who can help you to get good traffic through it easily.

The CPC Text ads model follow two different payment system, one in which the cost of the click is fixed and another is the bidding model. AS per the bidding model, the advertiser need to bid for the space where the ad is to appear and the payment is hen made according to the bid. In some cases the search engine fixes the cost at 1 cent which is quite reasonable. This implies that the advertiser needs to pay 1 cent to the search engine for every click that sends traffic to his website. It is an effective way to advertise your website and reach out to the target consumers.