Cost per view ads

The online marketing industry uses different ways for advertising a particular site and has different models designed for it. Cost per view ads is also one such campaign that is used by the different website promoters to reach out to the target consumers and that too on a budget. It is a module under which the online advertiser needs to pay the advertisement carrier only when a unique visitor visits their website. This kind of payment module is generally used for popunders advertisement campaigns, pop-up ads and for the ads which are displayed within a website.

In Pay per click ads, the advertising site needs to pay the advertisement carrier or the webmaster every time someone clicks on the website. This implies that if the same user clicks on the ad twice then the advertiser would pay for two clicks. However, in case of cost per view ads module, the payment is based on the IP address or on individuals. If a user clicks on the popunder ads more than once then the advertiser would have to pay for one click only. It is therefore an economical way to get your website advertised efficiently. It also helps you to get the right kind of traffic to your website and is therefore an effective method to advertise your site.