Cost of banner ads – $0.20 cpm onwards

Using banner ads for promoting your website is quite affordable and you don’t have to worry about going over budget. You can easily buy cost effective packages through us where you can get banner ads at just $0.20 cpm onwards. CPM means Cost per Mille or cost per 1000 impression. This means you need to pay only $0.20 for every 1000 visitors who view your ad. Banner ads already have a good success rate. They are display ads and you can use interactive features or flash animation to make them more appealing. When you use them for promoting your website then it helps you to get a good traffic.

We have different kinds of packages and you can invest in one that suits your requirement. For instance, if your website is directed at the people living in USA then you should buy a package that can help you to bring in more of US traffic. You can buy the relevant packages through us and we would publish your ads on the related website. This would help you to draw good quality traffic and promotes your online business more effectively. Choosing such package helps in making the ad campaign more cost effective.