Contextual Popunder Advertising

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Whether you are into online business or normal one, you need to advertise your company and website so that people may know about it and are directed to it. In case of online business, the easiest way to advertise one’s products and services is through contextual popunder advertising. It is now very popular with website owners as they find it to be effective and it helps them to bring in quality traffic to their website.

In case of the contextual popunder advertising, the advertisement appears in a separate window. This is a popunder window which means that it opens on the desktop but beneath the main window. It does not disturb the user or divert his attention from his work so it is not annoying. At the same time, when the user shuts the main window, the popunder is visible to him and catches his attention. This is a good way to get one’s company noticed and diverts traffic to one’s site.

In case of the contextual popunder advertising, the ad is related to what the user is looking for. It is keyword oriented and URL oriented. This means that when the user enters any specific keyword then it triggers off the popunder ads and it appears on their screen.