Contextual platform

Contextual platform refers to the technology that initiates an ad to come up on the user’s screen. Contextual ads are considered to be very useful and important by online advertisers. This is because it displays the ad that is related to what the user is searching for. A special technology is used for this process which first identifies the keyword that are entered by the user and then shows the ad which is related to the same. In some cases the ad may be related to URL also.

Contextual popunder ads and other contextual ads are generally keyword based and URL based. It is triggered off when the user enters a particular keyword or URL. The technology that identifies the ad that is to be displayed is called as contextual platform. It is the contextual platform that decides which ad should be displayed and when. It is very useful to all advertisers and is an essential part of online advertisement.

Apart from contextual platform, the kind of contextual ad used by the advertiser also plays a major role in diverting the required web traffic. The ad should be attractive and informative enough so that user may be compelled to visit the same.