Contextual Adware ads, highly targeted desktop advertising

Marketing of products online needs advertising the products effectively and to do the same adware program is used. Contextual Adware is software which automatically generates display of ads based on the information taken from the computers browsing history which is downloaded by the user. Desktop advertising is a widely used concept by the marketers to enhance the user’s browsing experience. With an agreement between the advertising company and the user, software or an application is being installed on the user’s computer. Whenever user browses the internet or looks for any kind of product on the internet, the related ads are displayed in the form of popups and popunders. The application utilizes the keywords form the browser history of the user and optimizes the search. Desktop advertising is highly targeted it is more sophisticated. Desktop advertising network comprises of many advertisers and web site owners. The advertisers take the contract and design or write the ads for the web site owners. When the user installs the application, he would have access to all the websites these advertisements are linked to and it depends on the keywords the user use for searching what he desires. Low ranking websites make it difficult for them to appearing on the front pages of the search results. With the help of desktop advertising software, the website traffic can increase and which in turn improve the ranking of the website. Hence, this method is highly targeted for generating huge web site traffic.