Casino Advertising Limitations in United States

Casino advertising is promoting gambling through different media such as radio, newspapers or internet. Internet gambling is considered illegal in the United States. In this regard a bill was passed in 2006 categorizing online gambling as class C felony. Under this, advertising casinos in any manner including through telephone and radio was banned. Apart from this, advertising through telecommunications or internet was also not allowed. This includes owning or operating an online casino, receiving or transmitting information related to gambling or promoting internet gambling in any manner.

Gambling has always been associated with crime, more due to involvement of illegal money. Though gambling on the internet looks harmless enough, it also has potential to involve people from all over the world, thus including a larger population compares to a land based casino. This also results in a large amount of money getting involved, without any legal account being maintained

Internet gambling is legal in some countries; however these sites are banned from advertising in the US. Businesses and sites that hold a valid license for operating internet or land based gambling sites must operate under the regulatory norms set by the government. In this regard the background of the owner is checked to eliminate criminal involvement. The sites are also obliged to disclose sources of money.