Banner ad placements – important to get right banners on right website for quality traffic

Banners take a portion of the web page. The size of the banner is chosen by the customer. Placement or positioning of the banner in the site is an important task in bringing traffic to the site. Most of the web pages when clicked do not appear on the full screen view and therefore if the banner is placed at the bottom of the page and if the viewer is not interested in maximizing the page, it is no use for the banner in that place. Instead placement of banners in the upper portion of the web page gives more traffic to the customer’s site. This is because as the window appears on screen a part of the banner or the complete portion of the banner is visible to the viewer. Most of the downloading campaigns and downloading websites use banners at the top section of the web page for the viewers. Screenshots of downloads can be included in the banner to attract more customers. Some websites place the banner vertical near the scroll bars across the web page. This is mostly seen in the ad campaigns of products such as television and computer products like Dell, HP, Microsoft products. Embedding flash files in the banners attract more quality traffic.