Banner ad exchange

Banner ad exchange is a popular advertising technique which is used by the online website owners to promote their website without paying for the banner space. In such case they can choose the banner ad exchange program wherein they can advertise their site through this program. As the name suggests, in banner ad exchange, the websites exchange ad space. This means that the advertiser also gives out his ad space to the website that publishes his ads. So the advertiser becomes publisher and promotes another website which may further promote the advertiser’s site at his own site.

The ads are placed on the publisher’s website vertically or horizontally as per the ad format. In order to be a part of the banner ad exchange program the advertiser also needs to be a publisher and provide ad space for ads. The adnetwork then places the ad on his site. there is no cash flow in this kind of advertising program and is preferred by the website owners who want better traffic at their site without buying traffic through cash. The website owners can contact online media companies that provide with such services and can help you to get better traffic at your site easily.