Adware Popunders – Best part of Desktop ads

Advertising industry is coming up new and innovative ideas to reach the customer. Desktop advertising is the new way of advertising in which the user’s browser history is checked for the keywords using data mining technique and ads are displayed. Adware is software which can be downloaded by the viewer on the desktop. Once downloaded, based on the search keywords or the strategic search designed by the software, the advertisements are displayed. Some of the applications display the ads in a continuous fashion. This can be annoying to some customers and at most of the cases the display of advertisements is contextual. Adware popunders are considered on of the best ways of marketing. The very good example of a desktop adware is real player. Some times the viewer would see a small window at the bottom of the screen to display offers of the real player as that software has been installed by the viewer. This is an effective way because the viewers know what they are looking at. They are the one who has installed the software so; chances of ignoring the popunders are very less. Desktop advertising itself is the best method and use of popunders in the form of adware compliments it.