Advertising with IAB guidelines for Bannner ads

Banner ads are one of the most effective ways by which the advertisers can promote their online business and reach out to the target consumers. This is why most of the advertisers rely upon banner advertising and use it for getting more traffic at their website. There are however certain IAB guidelines for banner ads related to the ad size, video duration and more. You need to design the ad keeping those guidelines in mind as that is very important. As per the guidelines, the banner ads can be of any format and you can use in banner video ad or get rich media ads which are attractive and catches everyone’s attention better. If you plan to use the banner ads then you need to first consider the guidelines as that helps you to design the ad better.

You can buy the traffic and get the ads designed through us wherein we design the ad as per the IAB guidelines for banner ads and place it with the right publishers. Placing the ads with the right network is equally important as that helps you to get the right quality traffic at the website. Whether you need US web traffic or other specific traffic, you can get it through us easily.